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Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball is a game for people across all ages. In the game, the players take a managerial position by making a team consisting of different players that have to play against opponents. There are different exhibition games that a player can choose from and the versions vary from a 32, 16 or a 14 game season. Backyard Baseball playoff are other aspects of the game and these contain the National League and American League. The Baseball World Series is the highest league that a player can chose to play in. It is also important to note that the game has some playable modes such as Spectator, Single Practice, Batting Practice and Single Game. Backyard Baseball also has some power-ups that appear as the game proceeds. The power-ups boost the performance and often appear after you strike out an opponent or when you make a “Crazy Pitch”. These pitches consume a lot of energy and the power-ups work to boost the power lost in making the pitches. After making consecutive “Crazy Pitches”, you get bonus power-ups and you can store the energy and use it later at a time the need arises.

There are different types of power-ups that you can get when playing Backyard Baseball but the major two categories are Batting power-ups and Pitching power-ups. The Batting power-up contain various features such as the Sonic Boom which enables you to hit opposing players with a powerful shockwave. Another feature of the Batting power-up is the lightning bat that creates tremendous power after connecting with the ball. The rubber bat is another feature where the batter bounces the ball extremely high in the air and you as a player will have the opportunity to get to base before anyone catches the ball. The pitching power-ups category contains features such as slow Motion (SLO MO) which has the ball moving in a very slow speed before getting to the strike zone. The fireball is another feature present and here the ball moves so fast that it can create a hole in the catcher’s glove.

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